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Sage X3 will help you to make a full tracking of the project, estimates creation, resource planning and actual completions tracking.

It’s impossible to streamline your construction management are siloed. Remember these essential capabilities as your
next-gen requirements:

A complete project accounting

Enter in the system all information about the project, starting from the financial accounting and ending with estimates detailing.

Human resource planning

Plan your humam resourses workloads based on the estimated positions.

Transport cost control

Track transport fuel costs - by projects and other dimensional breakdowns.

Subcontractors management

Carry out one-time and long-term orders, based on the contract with the subcontractor.

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Powerful capabilities for Construction

  • Detailed accounting estimates, where each item consists of labor, material and equipment costs
  • The project budget status tracking by planned and actual performance
  • Create project reports with Sage X3 standard tools in various breakdowns
  • Track current project status in real time, based on the realized purchase, warehouse, production and sales entries
  • Carry out related companies project administration in a single system
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