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From procurement to warehousing to sales and financials, Sage X3 provides the visibility and control you need to manage your distribution enterprise faster, whether you operate domestically or abroad. Now you can get better insight into costs and margins while enabling a mobile sales force.

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It’s impossible to streamline your operations when your ERP, CRM, and supply chain processes are siloed. Remember these essential capabilities as your next-gen requirements:

Supply chain

Improve real-time visibility across the
global supply chain to ensure
transparency for all stakeholders–from
suppliers to customers.

Warehouse and inventory

Understand all aspects of your inventory,
product profitability, order to cash, and
warehouse operations so you can stock,
pick, and fulfill orders more efficiently.


Optimize purchasing decisions
and margins and manage supplier
quality and performance.


Empower a mobile sales force with
visibility into customers, stocks, past
purchases, quotes, and promotions
through any connected device.

Sales and marketing

Manage sales force assignments with
ease and track corresponding targets and

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Powerful capabilities for Distribution

  • Fully integrated distribution functionalities
  • Global sourcing, importing/exporting and inventory management
  • Supplier exchange monitoring to ensure quality and compliance
  • Real-time monitoring and inventory optimization
  • Native mobile apps for sales and purchasing
Solution Capabilities Guide

“We have more than 40,000 part numbers, thousands of
customers, and dozens of locations. It is vital to our
success that we have the products our customers want
available when and where they want them. Sage X3 helps
us do that.”

Rich Unterbrink
IT manager, Russell Sigler Inc.

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