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Plan and manage your logistic flows on purchases and sales. Manage your carriers and associated costs from any device, from any place.

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It’s impossible to streamline your operations when your logistics processes are siloed. Remember these essential capabilities as your next-gen requirements:

Manage shipment preparation

Manage the preparation of shipments, from any device (laptop, tablet, or mobile phone) from any country in the world.

Automatically generate or manually create a list of goods

Easy create a list of goods - automatically generate or manually create a list of goods. Be aware of changes in their business with the one mouse click.

Track all stages of manufacture

Make purchases or sales order for logistics carriers, which may consist of several stages (for example, auto transport and shipping line).

A detailed overview of warehouse content

Be aware of the warehouse situation, with Sage X3 you will have available a detailed overview of warehouse contents.

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Powerful capabilities for Logistics

  • A detailed list of carriers with added services price lists, which are connected with regions
  • Automatic logistics custom creation from the customer or a supplier order
  • Detailed logistics stages creation on the basis of logistical order indicated parameters (number of cars, containers, transport type)
  • Required accompanying documents automatic preparation and printing - CMR, bill of lading, transport order
  • Possibility of product traceability in any direction (batch, serial number)

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