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In a business environment where precision and attention to detail are the
building blocks of success, Sage X3 helps you manage your entire process
manufacturing operation faster and more effectively. With Sage X3 you get
focused insight on quality and costs so you can efficiently fill customer
orders, optimize production planning, and ensure high quality.

Chemicals · Cosmetics · Food and Beverage · Nutraceuticals · Pharmaceuticals

It’s impossible to streamline your operations when your manufacturing processes are siloed. Remember these essential capabilities as your
next-gen requirements:

Complete responsiveness

Respond faster to shifting customer
demands and improve the management of
fluctuations in purchasing, production, and

Product and process consistency

Minimize the risk and scope of a recall by
ensuring the consistent quality of your
products while maintaining the flexibility to
act on any opportunity.

Complete global compliance

Quickly navigate the maze of global laws and
restrictions in order to simplify compliance
across currencies, regions, and regulations.

Anywhere, anytime access

Choose a solution that offers rapid
deployment, simplified management, and
web-based access through any connected

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Must-read Manufacturing Guide

Learn the six key components that all
process manufacturers should look for in a
better business management solution.

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Powerful capabilities for Process Manufacturing

  • Manufacturing process management (batch/continuous)
  • Capacity requirements planning (CRP) and Master production schedule (MPS)
  • Mixed-mode manufacturing process planning
  • Formula/recipe and potency management
  • Extensive quality control and traceability of lots, sub-lots, ingredients and allergen
  • Forward/backward scheduling based on your priority
  • Stock status, shelf-life management and expiry tracking to ensure quality across your supply chain
  • Replenishment and inter-site transfers
Solution Capabilities Guide

“We routinely practice mock recalls, and what used to
take us hours takes less than five minutes with Sage X3.
Having such a comprehensive safety system in place
helps us earn and keep the trust and confidence of our

David Adams
President, Savoury Systems International, Inc.

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